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KaraSolar Ltd is located in the heart of the southwest UK. We carry out solar panel installations for homes and commercial customers and have an emphasis on installing high-quality equipment with fantastic customer service.

Our customers tell us that getting a solar PV installation is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.  Photovoltaic systems are a fantastic source of green electricity, saving carbon dioxide emissions and helping to stop climate change.  If you would like to generate your own electricity, become more self-sufficient with your energy needs and lower your electric bills then KaraSolar can help.

There is the excitement of owning and operating pioneering new technology, and helping to kick-start positive change in the world.  And now, many people are using their generated electricity to power their electric vehicles. All this can be achieved whilst offering substantial financial savings, meaning you can be green and be rewarded for it at the same time.

Installing Solar PV Panels is a great investment for homeowners and businesses.



With energy costs constantly on the rise over the past few years, domestic solar panels have become an increasingly attractive option for homeowners.  Using our solar panels to generate your own energy, you can really reap the benefits of Solar Power. Householders who fit residential Solar PV Power Systems to their property can now truly benefit.


Utilize your roof or car park space to generate energy to power your growing business. We can help to assess your solar, and needs: using your energy consumption profile, we provide recommendations for the optimum system size to reduce your energy bills by the maximum amount the available space will allow, we design a solar panel system to your exact specifications.

Why Install Solar?

  • Generate green electricity
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Protect your home or business from future energy price rises.
  • Become more energy self-sufficient
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • High-tech power generation
  • Clean power to run your EV
Solar electricity panels, also known as photovoltaics (PV), capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that you can use in your home, business or EV.  By installing solar panels, you can generate your own renewable electricity.
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    EV Charger installation across the southwest UK

    Solar Panel Installation Service Across The Southwest UK

    KaraSolar Ltd is based on the Devon and Cornwall border.  We offer a Solar PV Panel installation service across the southwest UK.  From small home systems and off-grid systems to large industrial systems and solar car canopies for car parks, KaraSolar can always guarantee a professional friendly service.
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    Fast Installation

    We can usually have your solar system hooked up pretty quickly from the time of your enquiry.

    Friendly Service

    You can always be assured of a fast, polite, professional and friendly service.

    Fantastic Range

    Solar Panels for any location, any environment but only ever the highest quality and best performing.

    Accredited Solar Panel & EV Charger Installation

    Membership of MCS and RECC demonstrates our adherence to the highest recognised industry standards: KaraSolar is committed to excellence in quality, competency, compliance and customer service.




    REC TwinPeak 5 features REC's innovative design with the high panel efficiency and power output of monocrystalline cells, enabling you to get more out of the space available – helping to lower your energy bills and shorten the payback time through increased yield and lower costs.
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    System Design...

    Every solar panel system installed by KaraSolar is designed to match the client's exact needs.  From budget restraints to space available we will communicate with you to understand exactly what is required for your installation.

    We can include additional items such as batteries and EV chargers and connect them to any existing electrical system (may require some further upgrades).

    Commercial or domestic we will always give a straight forward honest opinion.  We will design a system to suit you, not us.  Above all, you can be assured of a smooth, efficient and friendly service.


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    System Performance...

    We use the software provided by OpenSolar to help us calculate the expected performance of your solar panel system. These estimates take into account the direction of the panels, the pitch, shading patterns, locations and seasons in order to provide a very accurate model.

    Your proposal will show a curve of your current usage (in grey) with an estimate of what your system should generate on average per day month on month (in orange).

    We can adjust consumption curves and peaks, and set day, night and weekend profiles in order to get this very accurate or we can just use your monthly bills to give us an approximate guide.

    *Calculated using OpenSolar.  Please see below for more information.

    Bill Savings...

    If you are happy to provide us with your current or projected energy usage your solar proposal will include an estimate of the impact installing your system will have, both in kWh and in GBP.  We will clearly show the reduction you should expect to see on your monthly electric bill.

    You would be amazed by how much this adds up over the life of your solar panel system.  If you have recently or intend to purchase an EV, this also means free mileage.

    *Calculated using OpenSolar.  Please see below for more information.


    Environmental Benefit..

    When there is a massive solar energy spill, they call it a beautiful sunny day!

    Ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come is priceless. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy on the planet. With panels having up to a 25 Year Product Warranty & a 30 Year Linear Performance Warranty, your clean energy solar investment is one that will benefit generations to come.

    Your proposal will provide you with information on the reduction of CO2 that we will benefit from this solar installation.

    *Calculated using OpenSolar.  Please see below for more information.

    Financial Benefit...

    Between government tax incentives and compelling purchase and finance options, it's easier than ever to move to solar.  Recover the costs of your system in a matter of 4-8 years, in most cases. Financing packages are available that have minimal upfront costs—just a cheaper monthly energy bill and a much cleaner carbon footprint.

    Your solar proposal will include a long-term financial graph to show what you can expect to save over the next 20 years, how long it would take to recover your initial investment and even calculate the equivalent interest rate you would need to be offered in order to get this return on your outlay.

    *Calculated using OpenSolar.  Please see below for more information.


    *Performance charts are estimated using OpenSolar.

    Independently Verified, Class-Leading Design Accuracy

    OpenSolar has engaged with some of the most trusted experts in the industry to provide independent, 3rd party assessments of the accuracy of OpenSolar’s design tool.

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    TEL: 0333 090 4007

    For a quote on having solar panels installed please do give us a call or complete the quote request questionnaire.
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    Solar Panels

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    Our fantastic range of solar panels means we have something for every need. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications. We have clear panels that let a little light through that are ideal for walkways, robust panels ideal for carports & canopies, we even have flexible panels ideal for vehicles and boats. Please do get in touch if you are not sure what panel is best for you.

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      Domestic Solar Panel
      Installation Service

      Reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint

      Fast, Friendly, Local
      Tel: 0333 090 4007

      With customer service, we are proud of.

      Solar Carports & Canopies:

      KARASOLAR can supply and install modular car parking solar carports and canopies. Our solar canopies can include Rolec EV Charging and/or BYD Battery Storage if required.
      Our car parking systems are totally modular, you can connect as many units together as you wish.

      Offer EV Charging From Your Carpark:

      Earn extra income from your car park by offering pay-to-charge or offer your customers and visitors free charging.

      If you would like to discuss how KARASOLAR can help your home, your company or your car park please do get in touch.

      Commercial Solar Panel
      Installation Service

      Reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint

      Effecient & Effective
      Tel: 0333 090 4007

      With customer service, we are proud of.

      Our Promise To You...

      Reducing carbon emissions, preventing further environmental harm and saving you money. All this while offering a customer service we are proud of. We are here for your sales enquiries and for post-sales support.

      We aim to provide a friendly, professional and fast service. We only use and sell items that have passed our own rigid quality control to ensure we can offer the most reliable products at the best prices.

      We welcome all enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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