Lugh – Timber Frame Solar PV Carport

The Surya Solar Carport is ideal for domestic and commercial applications.  Available in English Oak, Larch or Douglas Fir (all British grown timber).

Lugh – Timber Frame Solar PV Carport


available in kit form or installed

flexible lengths for flexible parking layouts


Lugh - Timber Frame Solar PV Carport

This elegant Solar PV Carport is designed within a traditional timber structure frame.

Available in Douglas Fir, Larch and if budgets allow Oak... all British-grown timber.  Lugh is very flexible in its dimensions and can be made to fit almost any space.  The solar carport is also modular so can easily be extended if required.

KaraSolar can offer this beautiful timber product either supply only or fully installed.  Our kits come with complete clear plain English construction instructions or our installation team can guarantee a speedy polite and friendly service.

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Construction Materials: (available in a choice of)
Douglas Fir  
English Oak  
Standard Dimensions: (please see notes on parking bay sizes)
Width: 6.00m, this is the depth of the carport, from the front to the back this allows for a 5.00m long parking bay with room for a EV charger and safety margin.
Length: Available from 3.00m for a single car to any required length. At 7.50m between legs (a section) this gives 3 standard parking bays or 2 EV charger bays per section.
Height: The highest point is 4.30m, this is with a 13° roof pitch and a 2.50m lowest roof height.
This timber solar carport can be easily modified to dimensions outside the standard, please do get in touch for a design proposal for differing dimensions.
Available With:
Solar Panels: We use REC 410Wp TwinPeak Series 5 as standard (panel options are available).
EV Chargers: We can supply and install a range of ROLEC EV chargers with your solar carport.
Inverters/Chargers We offer a wide range of Inverters, Battery Chargers and MPPTs.
Batteries: Using GivEnergy systems for domestic or BYD battery modules for larger systems storing your generated power has never been easier.
Security Cameras: We can offer a variety of solutions depending upon your requirements.
LED Lighting: Can be set on a timer, a light sensor or a motion detector.
Available in kit form or fully installed
Lugh - The Celtic God of the Sun and Light

Lugh (also Lug, Luga) was one of the most important Celtic gods, particularly in Ireland, and he represented the sun and light. Although originating as an all-wise and all-seeing deity, Lugh was later thought of as a historical figure, great warrior, and Irish cultural hero.

The god Lugh's name means 'light' and 'brightness'. His common epithets are Lugh Samildánach ('skilled in the arts, crafts, and trades') and Lug Lámfada, Lámfhada, Lámhfhada or Lámfhota ('long-armed' or 'long-handed'). The god's most common epithet of 'long-armed' refers to his ability to either throw a spear or a slingshot a very great distance. Not only a great warrior, Lugh may have been considered a fili, that is a seer, diviner, and poet. These multi-skills make Lugh very similar to the deity the Romans described (without giving the indigenous name) as Gaulish Mercury, now known to be called as Lugos or Lugus by the Celts. He is also the equivalent of the Welsh hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes. In art, Lugh is almost always presented as a youthful and handsome athlete, and he often carries his famous spear called Gáe Assail.

For outside an office building or a public car park? Brand this product for your business or offer advertising space, both are available.
Our Carports & canopies come with clearly written and video instructions. However, a full installation service is available.

Lugh – Timber Frame Solar PV Carport


available in kit form or installed

Benefits to a Solar PV Carport

  • Generate clean power to run your EV
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Future proof your business
  • Offer your customers a Free-To-Charge service
  • Increase revenue by offering a Pay-To-Charge service
  • Provide fleet charging
  • Protected fleet & customer parking
JA Solar offers a high-efficiency module, which, thanks to its half-cell configuration, offers high power output, better temperature coefficient, lower efficiency loss against shading, and higher resistance to mechanical loads. JA solar panels come with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear output warranty.
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can be supplied without panels and electricals if required

Flexible widths for flexible parking layouts

Parking Bay Sizes: When assessing the area needed for staff and customer parking, it should be noted that the current UK norm for parking spaces is 2.4m wide by 4.8 m long. However please note that several models of modern vehicles are more the 4.8m long.  The recommended space for manoeuvring (roadways) between bays is 6m. These dimensions are neither minimum nor written in tablets of stone, and may be revised to suit your particular needs, but remember that good access and wider bays aids efficient use of the parking area.  KaraSolar will use a standard size parking bay of 2.5m wide by 5.0m long unless stated otherwise.

For more information on parking in the UK visit: The British Parking Association

Bay Sizes For Motorists With Disabilities: The BSI British Standards Code provides some guidance as to what is required - disabled access parking spaces should be 2400mm x 4800mm with a 1200mm wide marked access zone between spaces and a 1200mm wide safety zone for boot access. Government guidelines (Inclusive Mobility published by DfT) recommend that 6% of parking should be allocated to disabled people, unless otherwise covered by local planning regulations. The guidance also recommends how to identify these spaces, with special markings and signage.

EV Charger Bay Sizes: It is recommended to leave additional access zones between parking bays intended for EV Charging.  This allows for some vehicles that plug and charge from the side. These bays should also be clearly marked and include eye level signage.

Disabled EV Charger Bays: As the number of electric vehicles in the UK grows as will the requirement for EV charger bays.  There are currently no guidelines on providing disabled parking bays with EV chargers so we highly recommend creating EV charger bays with the required 1.2m marked area between the bays and thus automatically making all your EV charger bays suitable for people with disabilities.


*Performance charts are estimated using OpenSolar.

Independently Verified, Class-Leading Design Accuracy

OpenSolar has engaged with some of the most trusted experts in the industry to provide independent, 3rd party assessments of the accuracy of OpenSolar’s design tool.

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Warranties & Guarantees


Optional Extras

Included in your carport's price are all steelwork, solar panels, all fixings, and all cables and connectors (up to fuse box 20m allowance). We can also supply and install everything from security cameras to an IP55 steel fuse box to hold isolators and inverters.

Please do talk to your electrician if you are in any doubt about what you require.  We offer a complete installation service and are always happy to advise on the best methods of connecting this structure to your existing electrical system.

What your system can include...

Colour Range

LED Lighting


Security Cameras

Parking Design


Add Rolec EV Chargers To Your Solar Structure

From EV charging solutions for the home, commercial locations, workplaces and fleets, Rolec EV provides an exceptional service led by a team of dedicated experts. Whilst offering the UK’s largest range of AC Fast and DC Rapid charging points, Rolec has the reputation for delivering cost-effective, scalable solutions to suit all budgets and requirements.

The extensive range of Rolec EV charging points has proven to be a success amongst many businesses and organisations, with thousands opting for Rolec’s smart OCPP compliant back office management system.

Rolec also manufactures a vast range of OZEV grant-funded charging points, allowing both EV drivers and businesses to take advantage of significant cost savings when purchasing and installing EV charging points at their homes and workplaces.

Rolec Services supplied by KaraSolar

Rolec have an incredible range of EV Chargers, we recommend The QUANTUM EV charging pedestal with the Lugh – Timber Frame Solar PV Carport.

The QUANTUM EV charging pedestal is a sophisticated and resilient EV charging point, providing a combination of durability and impeccable design for all locations. This charger’s integrated LED amenity lighting also provides greater visibility of the charging bays and surrounding areas.

This future-proof OCPP compliant pedestal can offer a simple plug & charge or pay-to-charge solution via the EV driver’s smartphone and/or RFID card/fob through any chosen OCPP back-office management system.

For more information on having EVCPs installed with your solar carport or canopy please do CONTACT US.  We welcome all enquiries.

One platform for charge point owners & EV drivers.

Why EV less when you can EV better?

  • Full & automated control of your charge points
  • Unlock additional revenue streams
  • Set charge points for public and/or private use
  • Fully scalable solution add/remove charge points & users
  • Complete fleet management solutions
  • Reduce charging costs and CO₂ with Smart Charge feature
  • Vehicle integration provides real-time information
  • Smart queuing system organises charge point availability
  • Static, Dynamic or True Dynamic load balancing options
Monta is the operating platform powering the EV ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution.
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other optional extras...


Convert the DC power generated by your panels to a useable ac current for use with ev chargers.

BYD Battery Boxes

You can add modular BYD battery units to store your solar energy for later use.

LED Lighting

Internal or external lighting can be added on a timer, a PIR or a light sensitivity sensor.

Security Cameras

Add security cameras to your structure for extra piece of mind for you and your customers.

Powder Coated or Painted Colour Finish Options


The Lugh – Timber Frame Solar PV Carport can be coloured to suit your branding or location. A huge range of colour options is available in a resilient painted finish.

For more information, an informal chat or a formal quote please do get in touch.

more optional extras...

IP55 Steel Housing

Install a steel housing unit to take any isolators, fuse boards and inverters.

Gutters & Drainage

Channel rainwater directly to your drainage system via colour matched steel guttering.


Various options to allow you to display promotional information or sell advertising space.

Monitor Software

Monitor your power generator, battery levels and ev charger power sales from anywhere.
To discuss the optional extras available with our solar structures or for any advice please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome all enquiries.

TEL: 0333 090 4007

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Installation Services

We offer a complete installation service and are always happy to advise on the best methods of connecting this structure to your existing electrical system. Please do talk to your electrician if you are in any doubt about what you require.

A full installation service is available for all our solar PV carports & canopies.

Custom Design Service
Complete Project Management
Land Surveys
Help with Planning Consent
Installation of:
EV Chargers, Security Cameras, LED Lighting
Inverters, Batteries, Charge Controllers
Gutters & Drainage
Electrical Mains Connection
Tarmac & Line Painting

For more information on having you solar carport installed please do get in touch.

Lugh - Timber Frame Solar PV Carport

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Solar Carports & Canopies:

KARASOLAR can supply and install modular car parking solar carports and canopies. Our solar canopies can include Rolec EV Charging and/or BYD Battery Storage if required.
Our car parking systems are totally modular, you can connect as many units together as you wish.

Offer EV Charging From Your Carpark:

Earn extra income from your car park by offering pay-to-charge or offer your customers and visitors free charging.

If you would like to discuss how KARASOLAR can help your home, your company or your car park please do get in touch.

Other Solar Carports:

KaraSolar Ltd are manufacturers and installers of the UK’s largest range of Solar PV Carports & Canopies. Made in the UK

From electric vehicle charging points and marina service pedestals to caravan electrical hook-up units, Rolec have 30 years of experience and has seen its products feature across some of the most prestigious and renowned brands and locations.

Their products are robust and reliable, they are manufactured in the UK and are one of the world’s leading specialists in outdoor electrical equipment.  This is why we at KaraSolar are happy to supply, install and recommend Rolec Chargers.

Their products are robust and reliable, they are manufactured in the UK and are one of the world’s leading specialists in outdoor electrical equipment.  This is why we at KaraSolar are happy to supply, install and recommend Rolec Chargers.