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Design and Install Solar Steel Car Canopies

Springfield Community Campus – Corsham – SN13 9DN

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The Project

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Wessex Electricals Ltd

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Wessex House


Wincombe Lane





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Client Brief

Design and install steel canopies to Corsham campus.  

Wessex Electrical to supply and install electrical components including solar PV panels.


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The Site

SN13 9DN

Site Address

Site Client:

Springfield Community Campus

Building Name/Number:

Campus Grounds

Address 1:

Beechfield Rd





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SN13 9DN

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A Note On Parking Bay Sizes: 

When assessing the area needed for staff and customer parking, it should be noted that the current UK norm for parking spaces is 2.4m wide by 4.8 m long. However please note that several models of modern vehicles are more than 4.8m long.  The recommended space for manoeuvring (roadways) between bays is 6m.

These dimensions are neither minimum nor written in tablets of stone and may be revised to suit your particular needs, but remember that good access and wider bays aid efficient use of the parking area and are much more pleasant for your customers to use.

Bay Sizes For Motorists With Disabilities: The BSI British Standards Code provides some guidance as to what is required - disabled access parking spaces should be 2400mm x 4800mm with a 1200mm wide marked access zone between spaces and a 1200mm wide safety zone for boot access. Government guidelines (Inclusive Mobility published by DfT) recommend that 6% of parking should be allocated to disabled people, unless otherwise covered by local planning regulations. The guidance also recommends how to identify these spaces, with special markings and signage.

For more information on parking in the UK visit: The British Parking Association

EV Charger Bay Sizes: It is recommended to leave additional access zones between parking bays intended for EV Charging.  This allows for some vehicles that plug and charge from the side. These bays should also be clearly marked and include eye-level signage.
Disabled EV Charger Bays: As the number of electric vehicles in the UK grows as will the requirement for EV charger bays.  There are currently no guidelines on providing disabled parking bays with EV chargers so we highly recommend creating EV charger bays with the required 1.2m marked area between the bays and thus automatically making all your EV charger bays suitable for people with disabilities.

Notes On The Site

Existing Tarmac Car Park.

Intended to provide budget estimate and design proposal. Assumptions have been made and a site survey is required to confirm all information and quotation as laid out in this offer. 

Structure A - Mithras Steel Carport - 10m x  22.4m


Structure B - Mithras Steel Carport - 10m x  47.3m


Structure C - Indra (south) Steel Carport - 6m x  58m

Please Note: The image below is a sample of the parking layout for the Indra Steel Canopy.
At 60m Length Structure C could fit 24 standard parking bays at 2.5m or a combination of disabled/EVCP bays.

Site Assumptions

Our initial comments, proposals and quotes are intended as a guideline only and are subject to a site survey. We have made some assumptions in order to calculate this proposal. You will find a list of these assumptions and the end of 'The Proposal'.

The Structure(s)

Version 1.1

Notes On The Structures - Version 1.1

We would recommend using steel canopies Mithras for structures A and B and an Indra South for structure C.

Mithras requires a 10m width, Indra requires a 6m width.  Should we find that Indra (i.e. 6m width) is not suitable we would be able to offer the Thor version of this single row canopy.  Thor requires a 5m width as the structures legs sit within the parking bays rather than outside as with the Indra.  Of course this lowers the available number of parking bays within the structure and reduces the number of solar panels the structure can hold.



Ref #



Length (meters)

# Panels

Solar Rating (kW)

Structure A







Structure B







Structure C


Indra (South)











194.63 kW




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What your system can include...

Colour Range

LED Lighting


Security Cameras

Parking Design


This steelwork specification is not suitable for sites located within 500m from a coast line, saline, chloride and/or sulphur dioxide environments, within swimming
pool and high humidity environments, or subject to airborne corrosive elements. If sites of this nature are required then the specification of the steelwork needs to be discussed with XCE prior to fabrication.

Structural steelwork is to be in accordance with the National Structural Steelwork Specification for Building Construction (latest edition). All structural steelwork to be hot rolled mild steel Grade S355, and all mild steel plates to be Grade S275 to BS EN 10025 (latest edition), unless noted otherwise. All bolts and nuts to be Grade 8.8 to BS 4190 (latest edition), unless noted otherwise. All bolts to have washers to BS 4320 (latest edition), under the nuts. All internal bolts, nuts and washers are to be sherardized to BS EN 737-8 (latest edition) so that no additional painting is required after erection. All external bolts are to be hot dip galvanized to BS 7371-6 (latest edition).

Where splice connections have been noted, all bolts to be High Strength Friction Grip (HSFG) bolts. All steelwork below ground to receive a high build epoxy coating to give a dry film thickness of minimum 450μm. Any protective coatings either damaged or removed during transit, handling or erection shall be made good by the contractor to a standard to match the original.

All steelwork to be hot dip galvanized in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461 to a dry film thickness of 85μm. Steelwork fabricator to make allowance for all required vent holes for sealed sections. Make good any damage to galvanized elements including site drilling holes with FOSROC Galvafroid after firstly mechanically taking back all paints, finishes, grease, oil, etc to bare white metal.

All shop welding to be 8mm F P F W unless noted otherwise, classification E42 in accordance with BS EN 1011-1 and BS EN 1011-2. Site welding is not permitted unless written approval is obtained from XCE. All welds to be tested using non-destructive methods in accordance with the NSSS specification (latest edition).

Baseplates and holding down bolts are to be designed and detailed in accordance with BS 449 or BS 5950 (latest edition).

Bolt box assemblies are to be supplied by the steelwork contractor and cast in by the main contractor to the dimensions and levels indicated on the drawings.

Base plates that have an area greater than 0.5m2 will require 50mm dia. grouting vent holes to be cut. If it is intended that grout is to be poured through these holes they will need to be increased to 100mm dia. Position of holes is to be determined by the steelwork contractor and should not affect the structural integrity of the connection.

Grouting below base plates shall be a minimum thickness of 25mm using FOSROC Conbextra GP or HF cementitious non-shrink grout or similar approved. Isolation washers, bushes and pads are required to be installed in all connections between stainless steel and mild steel to prevent bimetallic corrosion under atmospheric conditions, in accordance with BS PD 6484.

Your solar PV carport and canopy is designed in the UK.
Made in Southwest England and built using British Timber and/or British Steel.

The Solar System

Version 1.1

Notes On The Solar System - Version 1.1

469 x 415W JA Solar Mono PERC Half-Cell MBB Black Frame Solar Panel

Total Solar Power Rating

194.63 kW

The JA Solar JAM54S30-415/GR-BF is a 415W half-cell solar panel module with a black frame. Part of the Deep Blue 3.0 Pro range, the solar module is assembled with 11BB PERC cells and gapless ribbon connection technology.

The panel offers high output power with impressive efficiency, while the reduction of cell gaps promotes an outstanding visual appearance. The half-cell configuration of the panel also reduces the shading effect on energy generation, minimises the risk of hot spot and enhances the tolerance for mechanical loading.

Higher output power
Lower LCOE
Less shading and lower resistive loss
Better mechanical loading tolerance

Mono cells
No. of cells: 108 (6 x 18)
Rated max. power: 415W
Cable cross section size: 4mm² (IEC), 12 AWG (UL)
Module efficiency: 21.3%
Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30mm +-2mm

IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 61215, UL 61730
ISO 9001: 2015 Quality management systems
ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental management systems
ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational health and safety management systems
IEC TS 62941: 2019 Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules – Quality system for PV module manufacturing


Version 1.1

The system performance chart is an estimate of what you could expect your solar system to generate.
  • The orange bar represents the expected kWh per day your system should create
  • The grey background represents your current (or projected) kWh power usage.
Your projected usage is currently set to kWh 0 per month.
If you would like to change the projected usage amount please just let us know.
Your projected annual solar power generation: 162141 kWh.

Electricals to be supplied and installed by Wessex Electricals.

Solar ratings and performance are intended as a guide only, calculations are based on using Jinko 475Wp panels. Also no allowance has been made for shading. For example structure C maybe subject to shade interference from the trees on the south west boundary. Please refer to Wessex Electricals for more information on the solar system and the expected performance.



Electricals to be supplied and installed by Wessex Electricals.

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EV Chargers

Electricals to be supplied and installed by Wessex Electricals.

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10 year product warranty: covers carport defects.
10 year labour warranty*: gives added peace of mind and protection.

*when installed by KaraSolar Ltd, requires regular maintenance.


End Of Proposal Version 1.1


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